Of course, someone might’ve simply forgotten to delete their apps out of absent-mindedness and it’s important to point out that deleting the app from your smartphone does not necessarily delete your account. Thanks to the advent of dating apps, making a genuine commitment to just one person carries more meaning than ever before. I didn’t redownload Bumble or even fall prey to shirtless selfies on Tinder.

Signs Your Partner Didn’t Delete Their Dating Apps Like They Said They Would

My boyfriend and I have been going out for more than a year and we met on meet me. He asked me out and we were together ever since. I deleted my account and I asked him to delete him, which he said he did.

I also highly recommend dating multiple people, especially if you’re just getting back into the dating scene. It’s going to take awhile to get back into the swing of things, and you don’t need to put all your eggs in one basket out the gate. If you want to know more about my thoughts on dating multiple people check out this blog post I wrote a few years ago. Oh and please don’t confuse dating multiple people with having sex with multiple people. Those two things are NOT the same, but I aint judging if you do.

He wants you to see the pictures and he is ready to answer all your questions about his past and his ex. Just that, he wants to take things slowly this time. Basically, he is not into you totally right at the beginning. Probably, he will delete them later on when your relationship with him progresses, but currently, he did not feel the need to delete the pictures. In the middle of the day, even though you did nothing wrong to him, he blocked you and disappeared from your life completely. Poor him trying to fool you, when he actually gave his real feelings away with this simple act.


So I ended it with him, he told me it wasnt healthy for us to see each other anyway, because he didnt want the commitment I did and wasnt falling in love with me. Coming fresh off the tail end of a pandemic must have given men (especially single men), time to reflect on what they actually want for themselves when it comes to relationships. Perhaps it even lead to some introspection on how they could be better partners. Because it seems every man I meet is really on their A game.

If I met somebody I wanted to see again when I was OLD, I’d hide my profile. That way there’s less chance of being contacted by other eligible men and having to tell them I’m seeing someone, only for it all to fall through later. If you delete the app you can normally download it again in seconds with your profile intact. I would tell the person because I usually kept communication through app for a while. I met my OH on Bumble, we’re not the type to date multiple people at once so both deleted our apps after the first date. This week marks our third wedding anniversary.

We have been together for a little over 6 months. We have established the gf/BF thing, introduce me as his gf, established monogamy, etc. so, I had a feeling he was on the dating site again. He ended up actually messaging a true friend and I took over. I set up a fake account and we have been corresponding as my friend, but it’s actually me. He sent my “friend” pictures of himself and wants to meet her for a drink.

By plugging into Facebook, Hinge allows for possible connections up to three degrees away. The premise is that the friends-of-friends effect leads to some common rapport before meeting in person (and limits the interactions with randos along the way). Hinge addresses the sextfun online paradox of how dating apps commercialize their services. Apps make money by having more users, which means that if a dating app is true to its word (i.e., getting people to meet and form a relationship), it should be comfortable with the churn of losing valued users.

But there were still plenty of places to meet people that were open. Thanks to the amazing weather in Miami, they continued along with their outdoor restaurants and activities. Although there were some curfews the beach was always a refuge. I’m the type of girl who will go to breakfast, lunch or dinner by myself. So I started to pay more attention to who was around me.

That said, there are plenty of guys it’s easy to be infatuated with and even get into relationships with who are always vaguely on the spectrum of shadiness. If you are worried about deleting apps because you suspect he hasn’t deleted his, think twice about who you are dating. Golden explains that the deleting dating apps conversation can happen in tandem with the exclusive conversation.

All this crap about it being ok anf find ouy first is straight crap. I would hope and wish there would be a certain level of respect. “When I saw this, it just doesn’t line up with someone who wants to be 100% exclusive.

But even I, a person who loves an antisocial moment, craved to be out and about amongst people as soon as it was safe to do so. I make it a point to leave my house at least a few times a week. Whether that’s to take myself out for dinner or drinks or do some shopping or run errands. I actually enjoy being out and interacting with people. This is pretty much my year of yes, so when someone asks me to do something or to go somewhere, I just say yes.

If we aren’t exclusive I really don’t care if he’s still checking out his options (though if you really like him I can understand wanting signs whether he’s serious). The kicked for me would be he lied to you and that would be ground for me not to trust him and dump him over it. Once I meet someone from tinder/bumble and swap contact details, one or other of us has usually unmatched.I never thought of it as a big deal. So, maybe you should block him too and tell him that you deleted it too. I am also on the app at the moment as well. Not because I don’t like him or have my doubts, but just because I’m not at the point where I consider him my boyfriend.

No previous app dealt with this irony head-on. For better or worse, dating apps are here to stay. Online dating has exploded into mainstream culture over the past decade. Phone screens are inundated with profile pictures of potential partners.