We put together a guide to help you understand what they are, how they work, and the difficulties that plague them. Residents of work release housing are frequently asked to pay rent on a “sliding scale” that is based on their ability to find work while in residence. The information provided by AddictionHelp.com is not a substitute for professional medical advice. • If you break any of these rules, you may be reprimanded, or you may be asked to leave permanently. • Residents must participate in daily chores and work around the home. This includes keeping your room clean and tidy while pitching in on the household chores. Our central hub of data, research, and policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in jails and prisons.


Calls to any general helpline (non-facility specific 1-8XX numbers) could be forwarded to SAMHSA or a verified treatment provider. Calls are routed based on availability and geographic location. It can vary quite a bit depending on the type, with the cheapest as low as a $100 per month and more expensive options going as high as $2,000 per month.

What is a halfway house?

Some halfway houses allow you to go to school while staying there. The amount of time you’ll stay at a halfway house varies, but most stays are between three to twelve months. This gives you enough time to get back on your feet, secure a steady job, and feel strong in your sobriety. A halfway house may require residents to pass breathalyzer tests or drug screenings.

Legislators reach halfway point, prepare for “Crossover Day” – Times-Enterprise

Legislators reach halfway point, prepare for “Crossover Day”.

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Some people may also leave treatment and need to locate alternative housing options if they could not maintain an apartment or continue to pay for housing while in residential care. Offenders who have not yet completed their sentence in federal halfway houses may be sent back to prison if they are arrested for halfway house infractions, which might jeopardise their conditions of release. According to research published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, halfway houses and sober homes are highly effective in the ongoing treatment of substance use disorder. In both cases, the halfway house provides a structure for its residents. Halfway house staff helps recovering addicts and former inmates reintegrate back into society while living in a controlled environment. Suppose you or your loved one feels the need to continue living in a sober community environment after your stay at a halfway home.

Facts about halfway houses

They need an environment that promotes sober living and positive reinforcement. Some halfway houses offer outpatient rehab, case management for addiction, and other support groups. Others may require residents to attend a set number of off-site meetings. There are no specific rules regarding who can be moved to a halfway house or sentenced to spend their period of incarceration in one, instead of in jail or prison. Generally, individuals are selected for halfway house programs based on the nature of their offenses, their past records and their behavior while incarcerated, and available space in nearby halfway houses. Certain individuals are not eligible for halfway houses, such as those with unresolved pending charges and those who require in-patient medical or psychiatric care. The sober living environment at Eudaimonia is designed for an easy transition, whether you are transferring from an inpatient treatment program or not.

Some halfway house house residents might be there because the court has required it as part of a sentence. While halfway houses assist recovering addicts, former inmates may come to live at a halfway house after finishing a prison sentence.

How To Find A Reputable Halfway House or Sober Home

The team will exchange daily information and adjust the schedule as we go. Our therapists will work with you treating the root causes and not just the symptoms. Minors are permitted to visit if accompanied by a parent or adult. It was thought that punishing offenders with clarity, swiftness, and proportionate harshness would dissuade them from committing more crimes. Chris Carberg is a visionary digital entrepreneur, the founder of AddictionHelp.com, and a long-time recovering addict from prescription opioids, sedatives, and alcohol.

  • Transitioning from an addiction recovery program into normal life can be challenging for some individuals.
  • Instead than focusing on the illegal act, more effort was put into understanding the criminal actor.
  • If you need any clarification about provided items or things you can or cannot bring into your sober living home, please call our admissions team or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.
  • You can visit someone in a halfway house, however, they do have rules that must be followed.
  • It is also important to understand the rules of the halfway house.
  • But historically, very little data about halfway houses has been available to the public, even though they are a major feature of the carceral system.

If you’re committed to living a sober lifestyle but aren’t ready to transition to life at home, a halfway house might be a great option for you. These media reports are too often the only way we are able to retrieve public information about the internal conditions of halfway houses. From the lived experiences of those who have resided in halfway houses, it is clear that egregious conditions in halfway houses are common.